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Jimmy Mc
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Jimmy Mc Awesome tune... heard it on letterkenny - those guys have great taste... keep it coming guys
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I got so much shit
I don't even know what some stuff is
what's this what's this what's this what's this what's this what's this what's this what's this

Botox is, tighter than purse strings, deeper than pocket
kind of wallet knock a femur out a socket
crap shooter, blast is on target
income outta control, crash the stock market
in the club rocking tube socks, monogrammed
More baller than Tupac’s hologram
sharp collared and looking for business
Ball harder than snooker or cricket
money grip it, leave insane tips
no limit, filthy with it, Richie Rich ain't shit
cheese is off the cheezart, please I want a restart
this game is too easy man, visa got a me card
Aythang rocked is expensive
knowledge of products extensive
not apprehensive, when I shop evryday
Ball so hard, that shit cray
pick pocket any pocket errything is a steal
it's like erry day is mahr fucky Christmas for real
sometimes I can't believe that I'm as rich as I feel
but I'm as big of a deal as fricken Rita MacNeil is big
or was, is she dead? (nah, she's fine) alright
great. I'm rich, names kaboom and I'm dino mite
on my grind all day on my grind all night
y'all eyeball mine but it's mine all mine
so loaded people give me things, shove it in my ands
VIP everywhere yeah it's fun to be the man
The club owners know me errybody understands
I ain't even gotta put a hundred in they hand
I bragg and they get it cuz I'm following through
you should feel super honored that I'm talking to you
don't question my authority I walk with a crew
act like I own the place cuz I probably do
What’s this? pimp cup for bacardi, daiquiri
What’s this? pink slip for ferrari, factory
What’s this? NASA found a platinum asteroid
What’s this? space shuttle, cause I have to catch it boy
What’s this? I bought a store and this was inside
What’s this? I bought a whore and this was inside
What’s this? a real expensive instrumental
What’s this? nothing, give me that, it’s sentimental


released July 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Game Genies Vancouver, British Columbia

Billy Botox and Kaboom Atomic are “The Game Genies”; hip hop's illest, sickest, delirious-est dollar-store gangstas on the mic. Only two people believe in them ...them.

The Game Genies are two suburbanite, silver spoon-fed perma teens; ambitiously following in the footsteps of gangsta-rap heroes they will never be like. They are the epitome of the phrase: “Fake it ‘til you make it”.
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